Super Dooper Beetle Scooper

Super Dooper Beetle Scooper

Shelbyville market gardener Ken Waters has invented a simple homemade device for collecting and trapping pest insects. He calls it the 'Super Dooper Beetle Scooper.'

He makes the tool from a 2-liter plastic bottle, a small jar, and a little bit of wire and tubing. You can make one yourself, or purchase one from Ken (502-220-8200).
Beetle Scooper
Ken places the splayed bottle beneath a plant then shakes the foliage to dislodge feeding beetles and other insects. He releases any beneficial insects  he recognizes before tilting the device back so that his catch slides into the jar. Few insects ever escape.

Ken Waters with his Super Dooper Beetle Scooper

Updated July 15, 2008

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