Campus High Tunnels

Campus High Tunnels

Campus High
            Tunnels An innovative teaching and research facility is being constructed on Kentucky State University’s South Campus in assocition with the launch of KSU's new undergraduate degree in Agriculture, Food, and the Environment.

Four solar-heated greenhouses, called high tunnels, will engage students in hands-on learning throughout the school year.

The greenhouses will extend the growing season to allow harvest of cool season crops – like lettuce, kale, beets and spinach – through the depths of winter.  They will allow students to get an earlier start on warm-season crops, such as tomatoes and melons.  Perennial fruit crops, such as blackberries and strawberries, will also be grown.

High Tunnel Construction Progress


KSU students are helping build the high tunnels. Drag the panoramic photos below to look around the site as constrution progresses.

June, 2012: Original site.

August, 2012: Groundbreaking.

September, 2012: Site levelling.

October, 2012: Installing posts.

November, 2012: First hoops up.

December, 2012: All hoops up.

May, 2013: End walls under construction.

March, 2014: Rainwater collection system working.

Updated 04/04/14

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