Organic Pawpaw Production

Organic Pawpaw Production

Pawpaw fruitThe North American pawpaw has gained much attention in recent years as a potential high value tree-fruit crop in Kentucky. The ripe fruit has a strong appealing aroma and a flavor that is similar to a blend of mango, pineapple, and banana. Pawpaws are hardy to USDA growing zone 5 and when planted in full sun in an orchard setting, trees can produce large quantities of fruit.

Pawpaw fruit and products are mainly sold at farmer’s markets, directly to restaurants, and via entrepreneurs on the internet. Local delicacies made from the fruit include pawpaw ice cream, compote, jam, and wine.

Many people are interested in growing and marketing pawpaws organically. The following resources discuss what growing pawpaw organically entails and some of the organic growing practices used at Kentucky State University:

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Last updated June 18, 2007

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