Organic Stinkbug Management in Blackberry

Mowing of primocane blackberries to manage stinkbugs organically

Pawpaw fruit

Brown, one spotted, green and other species of stink bug cause damage directly by feeding on blackberry drupelets, discoloring fruit and imparting foul odors.  Populations of these insects have not been studied in Kentucky and the number of generations per year has not been quantified. Damage has been noted often, but not quantified under controlled conditions. 

Managing insect pests infesting blackberries presents serious challenges to small and organic farmers.  Results of this research will enable growers to utilize a holistic pest management system that is economical, socially responsible, environmentally friendly, and supports National Organic Program goals.

Contact: John Sedlacek

Updated 06/18/10

College of Agriculture, Food Science and Sustainable Systems