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December 7, 2005 - Attaching plastic cladding

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Attaching plastic cladding

During October and November toe boards, made of recycled plastic 1x6, were attached around the house perimeter to fill the gap between the untreated wood and the soil. A support pipe was bolted to the peak of the house, to maintain the 4' spacing between pipes. A strip of 2x2 was attached on each side of the house, 2' above the soil surface. Aluminum wiggle wire was screwed to the end wall toe boards and to the wooden strip on the side walls.

On the afternoon of December 7th we pulled two layers of 6 mil plastic over the frame, and attached them to the end hoops with wiggle wire. One person stood inside the house and used a broom to push the plastic up and over each pipe, as people on either side gently pulled the sheeting across the structure, taking care to avoid tearing.

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